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Subject: XT1511-D15 SMD1515 smallest smd led all over the world new product programmable smd led.
Message: Feature: 1.SMD1515, the smallest smd led with integrated iC all over the world. 2. Programmable and 256 gray level, magic-color. 3. it like APA102C, GS8208,SK9822, SK6812 ,SK6812 MINI,SK6812 Side,SK6812 RGB, SK6812 WWA , SK6812 3535 , SK6812 RGBW, SK6812 RGBY, SK6822 ,APA102 APA104, WS2815,WS2813,WS2812B LED, TM1809, WS2801,WS2811 TM1812,LPD6803,LPD8806, UCS1903, it can show any color, and it also can use in arduino program, welcome to relate Jercio- Tech series of digital smd led. Keyword ws2813b smd led ws2812b smd led magic led strip Individually addressable smd led programmable smd led single line break-point continue transmission smd led XT1505S SMD LED (WS2813B) XT1511-D15(WS2812-1515 LED) XT1511-D20(WS2812-2020 LED) XT9822-D20(APA2020) SMD LED Neopixels DIY SMD LED DIY decoration smd led smd led with integrated ic ws2812b full-color smd led WS2811 intelligent smd led.
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