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Subject: JERCIO XT9822-D20 SMD2020 can replace APA102 Double line transfer programmable and 256 gray level smd led
Message: XT9822-MINI-D20 is an embedded control type LED light source integrating control circuit and light-emitting circuit. Products containing a signal decoding module, data buffer, a built-in constant current circuitand RC oscillator; CMOS, low voltage, low power consumption; 256 level grayscale PWM adjustmentand 32 brightness adjustment; use the double output, Data and synchronization of the CLK signal,connected in series each wafer output actionsynchronization. Feature: 1.SMD5050, Double-wire transfer, it can APA2020. 2. Programmable and 256 gray level, magic-color. 3. it like APA102C, GS8208,SK9822, SK6812 ,SK6812 MINI,SK6812 Side,SK6812 RGB, SK6812 WWA , SK6812 3535 , SK6812 RGBW, SK6812 RGBY, SK6822 ,APA102 APA104, WS2815,WS2813,WS2812B LED, TM1809, WS2801,WS2811 TM1812,LPD6803,LPD8806, UCS1903, it can show any color, and it also can use in arduino program, welcome to relate Jercio- Tech series of digital smd led. The three RGB output control, 8Bit (256) color; 5Bit (32) to adjust the brightness; The maximum frequency of 30MHZ serial data input it can use in magic led screen, digital led screen, game device , High speed equipment, digital clock, Electronic shelf.
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