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Subject: Gas Turbine Heat Recovery Steam Generator
Message: Gas turbine heat recovery steam generator NecessityOver the past decade, more and more gas turbine power plant owners in developing nations and nations that are rich in oil reservation began to modify their plants to increase power output. By installing a secondary heat recovery unit (HRSG) to recover the waste heat from the fossil fuel turbine, the overall power efficiency can be increased by 50 % to 60%.   Design IngenuityThe exhaust gas from the gas turbine is large in quantity and the heat recovery steam generator is required to possess a prompt start-stop time. Therefore, the design the of the HRSG needs to be meticulously thought out. Our HRSG system adopts a horizontal prefabricated module structure, in which the heat surface area employs a multi-free-end-surface design to offset material heat expansion due to quick start and stop. The heat exchange surface area employs a slotted spiral-fin design to further enhance thermal conductivity. The average investment recovery period is around 2 years. Key ParametersRated steam pressure: 1.0 MPA ~ 9.8MPARated steam temp: saturated steam temp ~ 540℃ url:
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