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Invalid Buy Request Report

Subject: Not only the technical parameters are compared with the original American manufacturer, AAK hydraulic relief valve is also better in cost performance
Message: Rodriguez is a senior purchaser of a hydraulic equipment company in Mexico. The boss is very satisfied with his work. In the second half of last year, they needed to launch a new hydraulic equipment, which needed to use hydraulic relief valves. The boss asked that the procurement cost of the hydraulic relief valves should be reduced by 15% on the premise of ensuring the quality. He contacted the original American hydraulic relief valve manufacturer, and the manufacturer replied that it was impossible. In desperation, he had to find a new manufacturer of hydraulic relief valves. Rodriguez has participated in the Shanghai PTC exhibition and collected some hydraulic relief valve manufacturers, which have great advantages in terms of price. The quotation of some hydraulic relief valve manufacturers is only half of that of American manufacturers, and the quotation of some hydraulic relief valve manufacturers is 60% cheaper than that of American manufacturers. He is a little surprised that there is such a big difference in the quotation of different manufacturers for the same hydraulic relief valve. They began to test the parameters of the hydraulic relief valves from 3 manufacturers, but did not require AAK to send samples, because the price of AAK was 20% - 30% higher than that of other manufacturers.
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