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Invalid Buy Request Report

Subject: AAK non-standard hydraulic directional valve quality benchmarked HydraForce, and the delivery time is also too fast for peers to catch
Message: Elijah is from a Canadian hydraulic equipment manufacturing company. At the beginning of this year, he encountered trouble. A batch of excavators sold by his company to Southeast Asia needed to replace the hydraulic directional valves. The main reason is that the hydraulic directional valves have been used for a long time, and it is time to replace them. The trouble is that these non-standard hydraulic directional valves from HydraForce in the United States were out of stock at the end of last year, and Elijah did not fill the inventory in time. Elijah urgently contacted the original hydraulic directional valve supplier, because these hydraulic directional valves are non-standard and were produced 2 years ago, the original supplier has no inventory now. If they are customized again, 1,000 MOQ will be required, and the production time will be 2months. Elijah fed back the information to the boss, who was angry because 60% of their company's orders came from this customer every year, and Elijah had a big headache.
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