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Invalid Buy Request Report

Subject: The American factory could not produce the valve element with inclined hole, and AAK hydraulic relief valve succeeded after two trials
Message: Janice, from Canada, wants to purchase 600 hydraulic relief valves. The core difficulty of this hydraulic relief valve lies in the processing of valve elements. Most factories can only bemoan their inadequacy for the valve elements with inclined holes and included angles. The American hydraulic relief valve manufacturer who has been cooperating with Janice has failed 4 times in 30 days and had to surrender. Janice found more than 20 hydraulic relief valve manufacturers online and offline, at home and abroad, but they either replied that there was no time for sampling or no response. Janice has been tossing about for a week and is a little frustrated. Pablo, an old customer of AAK, after learning about Janice's procurement problems, suggested that she send the hydraulic relief valve drawing to AAK for a try. Pablo also specially wrote me an email to ask AAK to help Janice. I am willing to try to solve such a difficult problem of hydraulic relief valve. Once it is solved, I have won the admiration of two people at the same time.
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