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Subject: With SiCr alloy steel pressure spring, the durability of AAK Hydraulic pressure reducing valve has exceeded that of German factory
Message: Edmund from Germany has purchased hydraulic valves from AAK for more than 3 years. He emailed me a question this morning: the SiCr alloy steel pressure spring is used in hydraulic pressure reducing valves, and its durability can not reach 1million times or more? I asked him why he suddenly asked so? He frankly told me that he had encountered problems when purchasing hydraulic pressure reducing valves from Germany factory. At the same time, he also saw an article of AAK that " For hydraulic pressure control valves that German manufacturers were unwilling to solve, AAK used special spring to ensure a service life over 1 year”, so he wanted to discuss it with me. At the beginning of last year, the hydraulic pump of the excavator they sold often had insufficient startup pressure. The problem lied in the hydraulic pressure reducing valve of the hydraulic pump. The pressure of the hydraulic system was unstable because the pressure spring of the hydraulic pressure reducing valve was deformed. Since this excavator has been in use for less than 1 year but the hydraulic pressure reducing valves must be replaced. Edmund contacted the local original manufacturer to replace several hydraulic pressure reducing valves. The manufacturer replied that the hydraulic pressure reducing valve was produced according to the standard, and the strength limit and elastic limit of the piano wire used for the spring were in line with the requirements. The problem was that the user's use frequency and working pressure were too high, problem was caused by improper use. This time, they were willing to replace it for free, and they would have to pay for it next time.
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