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Invalid Buy Request Report

Subject: With closed loop controlled Hydraulic Cartridge Flow Control Valve, AAK became Zenon's only choice
Message: Zenon is from a hydraulic equipment company in Mexico. He has purchased hydraulic components from the United States for 4 years smoothly. His boss learned that more and more colleagues are purchasing from China, and also asked Zenon to try to contact China hydraulic valve manufacturers. Unexpectedly, he was stumped when he purchased hydraulic cartridge flow control valves the first time. At the beginning of the year, their company customized a hydraulic lifting equipment for a customer, which required to use hydraulic cartridge flow control valves. Zenon found a hydraulic cartridge valve manufacturer in Ningbo to make samples for the hydraulic cartridge flow control valves. During equipment debugging, the lifting positioning was abnormal. Their engineer judged that the hydraulic cartridge flow control valve was abnormal. After the manufacturer tested the hydraulic cartridge flow control valve, its parameters met the requirements of the drawing. Their engineer asked the manufacturer to further optimize the hydraulic cartridge flow control valve, but the manufacturer was unable to do it. Zenon had to change the manufacturer. After 1 week, no manufacturer was willing to make samples, because there was no direction and great uncertainty. The boss has been pushing, and Zenon was under pressure.
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