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TR-FRET ERR beta Coactivator Assay Kit, goat

Create: 08/11/2017
Expired Date:never
Category: Diagnostic equipment [Health&Medical&Pharmaceutical]
Message:The TR-FRET ERR (estrogen related receptor) beta Coactivator Assay Kit provides a sensitive and robust method for highthroughput screening of potential ERR beta ligands as inverse agonists of ligand-dependent coactivator displacement. The kit uses a terbium (Tb)-labeled anti-GST antibody, a fluorescein-labeled coactivator peptide, and a human recombinant ERR beta ligand-binding domain (ERR beta-LBD) that is tagged with glutathione-S-transferase (GST) in a homogeneous mix-and-read assay format. To assay: When running the ERR beta TR-FRET Coactivator Assay, ERR beta-LBD is added to ligand test compounds followed by addition of a mixture of the fluorescein-coactivator peptide and Tb-labeled anti-GST antibody. After an incubation period at room temperature, the 520 nm/495 nm TR-FRET ratio is calculated and can be used to determine the EC50 from a dose response curve of the compound. Based on the biology of the ERR beta-coactivator peptide interaction, this ligand EC50 is a composite value representing the amount of ligand required to bind to receptor, effect a conformational change, and displace coactivator peptide.
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