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CYP3A5 Blue Screening Kit

Create: 08/11/2017
Expired Date:never
Category: Diagnostic equipment [Health&Medical&Pharmaceutical]
Message:CYP450 Screening Kits are high-throughput fluorescence-based assays for detection of enzyme-drug interactions and CYP450 inhibition. They provide an optimized method for studying isozyme-specific CYP450-drug interactions, metabolism, and inhibition. CYP450 Screening Kits offer:
Aug 11 2017EDG5 CHO-K1 β-Arrestin GPCR Assay Kit7
Aug 11 2017CYP3A5 Blue Screening Kit9
Aug 11 2017EDG4 CHO-K1 β-Arrestin GPCR Assay Kit8
Aug 11 2017TR-FRET ERR beta Coactivator Assay Kit, goat10
Aug 11 2017EDG3 CHO-K1 β-Arrestin GPCR Assay Kit6
Aug 11 2017Protein G Kit7
Aug 11 2017EDG1 CHO-K1 β-Arrestin GPCR Assay Kit6
Aug 11 2017EDG1 Total GPCR Internalization Assay Kit7
Aug 11 2017Continuous Phosphatase Assay Kit6
Aug 11 2017ECL Western Blotting Substrate Kit4

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