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S4 Series Push-Pull Circular Connectors

Create: 11/14/2017
Expired Date:12/31/2026
Category: Electrical receptacles [Electronic]
Message:Linreix S4 series connectors are interchangeable and intermateable with Hirose's HR10A and HR10 series.  S4 connectors are redesigned and upgraded from Hirose benchmark to fit with not only industrial but also demanding medical and military applications.   Even though Linreix S4 connectors are of better quality, we sell at lower prices than Hirose originals, thus double customer value.   Linreix has reversely engineered Hirose HR10A connectors to precise dimensions and with well-controlled processes.  Every finished connector has to be under cross-mating test against Hirose before shipment.   Not only identical in appearance, a Linreix  S4 connector can cross mate with every Hirose standard HR10A or HR10 connector of the same pin-count smoothly  without question. 
City:Shanghai Shanghai[CN] 
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