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Category: Chemical
Message:Oral Anabolic High Purity Seroid Powder Oxandrolone / Anavar CAS 53-39-4 For Strong Muscle Abstact Anavar has often been called a weak steroid. Part of the reason for this is that use of a Class I steroid alone never is maximally effective. The other cause is that bodybuilders and authors in the field sometimes make unfortunate and unreasonable comparisons when judging anabolic steroids. Oxandrolone, also called Lonavar,Oxandrin,Vasorome, its chemical name is 17beta-Hydroxy-17-methyl-2-oxa-5alpha-androstan-3-one. It is a kind of oral testosterone drugs synthetised by actively metabolizing anabolic. It researched that 20mg Oxandrolone daily dose has an effect on weight gaining and rehabilitation muscle for who encounters large area burnt. Oxandrolone which comes out of androgenic character, can cause retention of nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus, and promote anabolism and inhibit excessive catabolism. It is widely used for boys who come across abnormal growth and late puberty, and also girls who encounter congenital ovarian hypoplasia. Specification Product name Oxandrolone Appearance White crystalline powder Identification Positive Positive Assay 97.0~100.5% 98.33% Specific Rotation -18° ~ -24° -22.0° Loss On Drying 1.0%max 0.13% Organic Volatile Impurities meets the requirements Conforms Ordinary Impurities 2.0%max
City:Wuhan Hubei[CN] 
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Jan 13 2018Oxandrolone19
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Jan 13 2018Methenolone Acetate18

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