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magnifeko rechargeable electric callus remover reviewsCallu

Create: 02/12/2018
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Message:1.Shenzhen Isunny Science And Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional company inElectric Callus Removerx18b601an,Nose hair clippers. Since its inception,with innovative technology,advanced management,high-quality service,we won the majority of customer recognition.The companys core values are:either do not do,or do Electric Nail Drill service really well 2.Innovation is the cornerstones of Shenzhen Isunny Science And Technology Co., Ltd.s success. In the future, Isunny also hope to continue to innovate, for the majority of customers to provide Electric Nail Drillservice. Over the years, Isunny always believe that only adhere to innovation and professional, in order to better meet customer demand for High quality materials Electric Callus Remover. details: Product description Color:Red Product Feature This Callous Remover is an innovative device created to smooth dry, rough and calloused skin on the feet. This Callous Remover works faster and is safer than metal scrapers, with no blades to cut the skin, and easier to use than other methods, that require constant rubbing to achieve results. It is battery-operated and designed to fit comfortably in your hands. Smooth, silky feet has never been easier. How to charging Before using the appliance for the first time , or if it has not been used for quite a while, it should be charged for at least 4 hours. If fully charged you can use the appliance for 50 minutes. Charging the appliance regularly for 4 hours but for no more than 8 hours. TIPS 1.This Callous Remover is recommended for one person only. For hygienic reasons, unique rollers grinding should not be shared with others. 2.This Callous Remover is suitable for use on the feet and heels. Also working on hands but must be more careful when you use and do not use this device on the fragile skin or body. 3.Do not use if you have diabetes or poor blood circulation. 4.
City:Shenzhen City[US] 
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