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CNC center processing partsof Tianyang, more professional m

Create: 02/14/2018
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Category: Industrial-Supplies
Message:1.Shenzhen Tianyang Precision Limitedhas a group of high-quality, experienced, responsibility, in particular actual combat experience professionals of custom cnc machining. Our customers all over the country and overseas ,with its unique geographical advantage and comprehensive diversified information channels, Our companys main business scope : digital lathe turning parts, cnc parts,, and so on. 2.Innovation is the cornerstones of Shenzhen Tianyang Precision Limiteds success. In the future, Tianyang also hope to continue to innovate, for the majority of customers to provide custom cnc machiningx1fb11danservice. Over the years, Tianyang always believe that only adhere to innovation and professional, in order to better meet customer demand for cnc turning word of mouth. details: Hardware accessories Hardware fittings refer to machine parts or parts made from hardware, and some hardware products. It can be used individually or as a help tool. For example, hardware tools, hardware components, daily hardware, building hardware and security products, etc. Most of the hardware products are not the final consumer goods. It is a supporting product, a semi-finished product, a tool used in the process of production, and so on. Only a small part of the daily hardware products (accessories) are the tool consumer products that people must live in. Furniture hardware accessories Wooden screws, hinges, handles, slideway, partition pin, hanger, nail, head machine, tooth grinding machine, multi station machine, hardware foot, hardware rack, hardware handle, turntable, zipper, pneumatic pole, spring, furniture machinery, etc. Cabinet hardware accessories Hinge, drawer, rail, steel pump, pull basket, rack, sink, pull the basket, spotlights, skirting board, cutlery tray, condole pendant, multifunctional column, combination ark body etc.. Mold hardware accessories Punching needle, punch, guide pin, guide sleeve, thimble, bushing, s
City:Shenzhen City[US] 
May 18 2018China precision machined parts industry leading brand3
May 17 2018Tianyangdigital controlled turning parts, CNC lathe process3
May 15 2018Tianyangspecializes in quality cnc machiningand precision4
May 13 2018Special digital controlled turning parts, CNC lathe process6
May 11 2018Hot manufacturer, famous brand-Shenzhen Tianyang Precision3
May 10 2018Shenzhen Tianyang Precision Limited will do latest quoted a2
May 08 2018China machining manufacturer industry leading brand8
May 07 2018turning, milling, a leadingmachining suppliersbrand which7
May 06 2018precision milling,we have always specialised in machining m9
May 05 2018Tianyangis trustworthy and you will be satisfied with yourp10

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