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Create: 06/14/2018
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Category: Industrial-Supplies
Message:1.Ballpoint pen springx24e13danandwire form spring exporterof AFR Precision Technology Co.,Ltdis favored by the majority of customers love, We have established long-term cooperation with many partner, tension springs exporter,tension spring exporterfrom AFR Precisionmeet the needs of our customers. AFR Precisionstrength,abide by contract, keep faith, take quality and credit of contract,obtained the customer trust and praise. 2.AFR Precision Technology Co.,Ltd has been devoted to study the needs of AFR industrial customers, ant tailored to customers demand and solutions. The advantage of AFR Precision lies not only in the industry-leading technology and the elite professional team, but also to provide excellent services in precise spring for household appliances,wire forming spring,tention spring,and the enthusiasm of positive innovation and faith of respect promise . Become a customer trusted A good brand Ballpoint pen spring integrated service providers, to help customers realize the business value of Compression springs, is AFR Precision unswerving mission and pursuit. Details: We recommend that you measure the wire diameter in two different spots using a micometer and take the average. This will allow for precise readings and accurate ordering. 2 Measure the outside diameter.This is commonly referred to as "OD". When possible, we recommend you measure the outside diameter in the middle of the spring because the end coils tend to run large.3 Measure the inside diameter.This is also known as "ID". The inside diamater for many springs can be hard to measure accurately. We recommend that you use the oustide diameter whenever possible. Using inside diameter can often lead to inaccurate readings which result in incorrectly ordering your desired spring.4 Measure the length of the spring.Well use a ruler for this compression spring, but if your compression spring is smaller, we recommend using a micrometer or calipers5 Find the coil count.There are two best practices
City:Shenzhen City[US] 
Aug 17 2018Ballpoint pen spring of the businessCompression springs,spr0
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