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TPS-H01 Portable Shower Room

Create: 09/14/2018
Expired Date:12/31/2025
Category: Building&Construction
Message:With rotomolding technology, totally different from injection ones in quality. Very easy to install, only screw driver and wrench needed. One unit can be finished within 10 mins by 2 people. Installation instructions are also provided. Special design enables the product to be moved by forklift or crane directly. Size: 1100*1100*2300mm. Weight: 80 KG. Standard accessories: Mirror, Doorknob, Hook, Shower, Floor Drain. Optional accessories: Light, Fan, Exhaust Fan, Solar Light. Warranty: 6 Years. Applications: TOPPLA TPS-H01 portable shower rooms are always used in water park, swimming pool and hot springs, and they are even welcome by people who works at construction sites. website:
City:Los Angeles California[CN] 
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Sep 14 2018TPS-H01 Portable Shower Room31
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