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Domestic senior company of High sales motion sensor chime,

Create: 11/09/2018
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Category: Security&Safe
Message:1.Shenzhen Waytronic Electronics Co., a company with Good quality motion sensor door chime,motion sensor alarmx258c23anandmotion activated sound player as the main business. We are committed to providing quality service of Voice module. Shenzhen Waytronic Electronics Co., Ltd.was established in 10 years ago, As a company with a high sense of social responsibility, Waytronichas established a high reputation for superior quality and expertise in call recorderfield 2.Shenzhen Waytronic Electronics Co., committed to the continuous improvement of themotion sensor speakerservice, become a society, customers, shareholders and employees long-term trust of the company. Our Company adhering to pirit of for the sake of customers, and win-win with customers , and through Waytronic staff continuous innovation and development to provide first-class smartsound motion activated sound player,audio prompter use characteristics,First-rate industry motion sensor door chime,Super value sound speaker for enterprises , is what we have been working for. Details:Brief introductionMicroSound PIR motion activated sound player, MicroSound PIR motion sensor speaker, can sense human activity information with the technology of infrared pyroelectric principle. When someone enters the induction range, it can accurately identify the human activities. When detecting the human body passing it will give warm prompts, warnings and welcomes or other voice at the first time. According to the different applications, different audio files can be replaced at any time.Also a motion sensor sound box, it is small and exquisite, easy to carry and has a beautiful sound. You can download your own speech, music or sound effects, MP3 file format, or use a Micro SD Card to transfer MP3 sound files directly onto the internal memory. Your MP3 file will playback automatically after the PIR sensor has been activated. Product features Small and exquisite, MP3 audio format, excellent sound quality.Two le
City:Shenzhen City[US] 
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