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ShuyaReliable quality and price menstruation padmenstruatio

Create: 03/15/2019
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Category: Industrial-Supplies
Message:1.Guangxi Shuya Health Care Products Co. ,Ltd is a global manufacture of industry leading construction and mining equipment, sanitary napkin and sanitary towel, and menstruation pad systems. Now we will introduce the company for you:negative ion sanitary napkinNegative ion sanitary napkin are worn like diapers to absorb menstrual discharge (and thereby protect clothing and furnishings). They are usually individually wrapped so they are easier and more discreet to carry in a purse or bag. This wrapper may be used to wrap the soiled pads before disposing of them in appropriate receptacles. Some women prefer to wrap the pads with toilet paper instead of (or as well as) using the wrapper. Sanitary napkin of any type should not be flushed down the toilet as they can cause blockages. In developed countries, public toilets almost always include a purpose-made receptacle in which to place soiled pads. In First Aid, they make excellent dressings for heavy bleeding due to their high absorbency if gauze is unavailable or inadequate.Many people who experience urinary incontinence use negative ion sanitary napkin to manage bladder leaks. However, since sanitary napkin are designed to absorb menstrual flow, they are not as effective in absorbing urinary leaks; incontinence pads are designed for this purpose., included theGood brand, high quality.x229c2fan 2.Guangxi Shuya Health Care Products Co. ,Ltd (Shuya), with a view that providing multi-optional solutions and know-how to offer optimal products and technologies, has been committed to sharing it development with not only national owners but also the global customers. Since the year of 2002-06-11, the first exporting of sanitary napkin to Brazil, Guangxi Shuya Health Care Products Co. ,Ltd seted up its trading businesses accessible to foreigner customers. 3.For more than 20 years, Guangxi Shuya Health Care Products Co. ,Ltd has trained a number of excellent technical and sales staff. In science and technology research an
City:NanNing City[US] 
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