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LED Waterproof Strip Light XT1505/SK6812/WS2812 3535RGB

Create: 11/21/2016
Expired Date:never
Category: Lighting&Fixtures [Electronic]
Message:XT1505 consists of three Ann (RGB) 3535+ Ming for chip driver IC packaging integrated a built-in IC-LED MINI type,internal single serial cascade constant current IC,the data transmission of up to 800 KBPS,256 gray scale adjustable circuit.Narrow board electronic intelligent solution decoration product,is suitable decoration to the magic lantern model,4mm/5mm non-standard LED monkey electronic light LED intelligent product and so on. Model:XT1505 Brand:JERCIO Product specification:SMD 3535RGB Operating voltage:DC 5V Product Chip:Sanan Drive IC:mingwei Sk6812 IC Rated current:12mA Product power:0.25W Service life:50000H
City:Guangzhou Guangdong[CN] 
Nov 28 2016LED STRIP LIGHT,XT1511MINI-2427, 90L-90LED,IP20/IP65/IP68,5050RGB,383
Nov 28 2016LED STRIP LIGHT,SK6822, 30L-30LED/60L-60LED/74L-74LED/96L-96LED/144L-144LED,IP20/IP65/IP68,5050RGB,391
Nov 28 2016LED STRIP LIGHT,SK9822, 30L-30LED/60L-60LED/74L-74LED/96L-96LED/144L-144LED,IP20/IP65/IP68,5050RGB,381
Nov 28 2016LED STRIP LIGHT,SK6812RGBW, 30L-30LED/60L-60LED/74L-74LED/96L-96LED/144L-144LED,IP20/IP65/IP68,5050R386
Nov 28 2016LED STRIP LIGHT,SK6812RGB-P8, 30L-30LED/60L-60LED/74L-74LED/96L-96LED/144L-144LED,IP20/IP65/IP68,505397
Nov 28 2016LED STRIP LIGHT,SK6812-P6, 30L-30LED/60L-60LED/74L-74LED/96L-96LED/144L-144LED,IP20/IP65/IP68,5050RG403
Nov 28 2016LED STRIP LIGHT,SK6812MINI, 60L-60LED/144L-144LED,IP20/IP65,5050RGB,433
Nov 28 2016LED STRIP LIGHT,SK6812, 30L-30LED/60L-60LED/74L-74LED/96L-96LED/144L-144LED,IP20/IP65/IP68,5050RGB,434
Nov 21 2016XT1511 LED CAR LIGHT374
Nov 21 20161M XT1511 Smart led pilxel strip,30/60/74/96/144 led.IP20/IP65/IP68 XT1511-5050RGB LED DC5V.407

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