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ICS Triplex Trusted Emergency Shutdown system

Create: 02/13/2019
Expired Date:never
Category: Controller switches [Electronic]
Message:It uses RunSafe 3-3-2-0 fault-tolerant control to virtually eliminate spurious trips and offers the highest availability and lowest cost of ownership of any SIL3 rated safety system available. T8100 Controller Chassis T8110B Processor T8110C Processor T8120 Processor Interface Adaptor T8121 Processor Interface Adaptor T8122 Processor Interface Adaptor T8123 Processor Interface Adaptor T8151B Communication Interface T8151C Communication Interface T8153 Communication Interface Adaptor T8160 Interface Modules T8161 SC300E Bridge Module T8162 CS300 Bridge Module T8191 Shield T8192 Shield T8193 Shield T8194 Shroud Kit T8200 I/O Power Supply Chassis T8202 I/O Power Supply Chassis T8220 Power Supply Module T8222 Power Supply Module T8225 Power Supply Module T8230 Power Shelf T8231 Power Pack T8232 Power Pack T8233 Power Port T8234 Power Controller T8235 Power Shield T8240 Power Shelf T8243 Power Port T8247 Power Shelf Support T8270 24V dc Fan Assembly T8271 Fan Tray T8272 Vent & Baffle Unit T8273 Grill for Fan Assembly T8290 Output Power Distribution Module T8292 Power Distribution Unit T8293 Power Distribution Module T8294 Power Distribution Unit T8300 Expander Chassis T8310 Expander Processor T8311 Expander Interface T8312-4 Expander Interface Adaptor T8312-7 Expander Interface Adaptor T8314 Fibre TX RX Unit T8380 Chassis skyp guoerhua Kit T8402 Dual 24V dc Digital Input T8403 24V dc Digital Input T8423 35-120V dc Digital Input T8424 120V ac Digital Input T8431 Analogue Input T8432 Dual Analogue Input T8433 Isolated Analogue Input T8448 Zone Interface T8449 24V dc Valve Monitor T8451 24V dc Digital Output T8461 24/48V dc Digital Output T8471 120V dc Digital Output module T8480 Analogue Output-40 channel
Apr 27 2021 T8121 Processor Interface Adaptor ICS Triplex Trusted ABB Plantguard133
Apr 27 2021 T8122 Processor Interface Adaptor ICS Triplex Trusted ABB Plantguard140
Apr 27 2021 T8230 Power Shelf ICS Triplex Trusted ABB Plantguard120
Apr 27 2021 T8300 Expander chassis ICS Triplex Trusted ABB Plantguard137
Apr 27 2021T8240 Power Shelf ICS Triplex Trusted ABB Plantguard150
Apr 27 2021 T8100 Controller chassis ICS Triplex Trusted ABB Plantguard104
Apr 27 2021 T8312-4 Expander Interface Adaptor Unit ICS Triplex Trusted ABB Plantguard102
Apr 27 2021 T8231 Power Pack ICS Triplex Trusted ABB Plantguard63
Apr 27 2021 T8153 Communication Interface Adapter ICS Triplex Trusted ABB Plantguard53
Apr 27 2021 T8312-7 Expander Interface Adaptor Unit ICS Triplex Trusted ABB Plantguard46

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