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Indonesia Thermal Power stainless steel globe throttle check valve LJC65-1.6P

Create: 11/25/2019
Expired Date:never
Category: Valves [Electronic]
Message:Indonesia Thermal Power stainless steel globe throttle check valve LJC65-1.6P Dongfang Yoyik Engineering Co., Ltd is specialized in producing, manufacturing and selling industrial spare parts, as well as providing products of famous brands. Since 1989, our products have being widely used in various industries from power, oil, chemical, electronic, gas to environmental protection, fire-fighting equipments and nuke industry. OIL CONTROL RING FA1B56-A2-102761A non-return valve DY25.PC265-DF Shaft Vibration Probe CWY-DO-20T08-M10*1-B-00-05-50K Precision Transient Speed Monitor M101.309Z Pressure Switch RC861CZ090HYR 24VDC single-tongue check valve M522.X01Z GEAR D600A.231.106 Sequence valve F3RG-06-D3-30 honeycomb filter SS-C10S25 Neoprene rubber adhesive Parker solenoid valve coil CCP115D 115VAC 19W relief valve F3CG2V-6FW-10 regeneration diatomite filter 10H02C07V solenoid valve DG4V-3S-6C-MU-H5-60 TSI Preamplifier CON041/916-120 steam turbine bolt heater ZJ-22-31 Isolation valve F3-DG5S2-062A-50-JA-AM filter LY-48/25W stainless steel bellows globe valve 65FJ1.6P Plunger pump PV032RIRIA4VFRZ Generator rotor blade lock 2Q3948 AST solenoid valve Steam seal ring D55B-120200A MOOG pump 514700005 TRANSFORMER EXCITATION ZDG-1.5 grease gun KH-35 steam turbine bolt heater ZJ-22-54A mechanical trip valve F3DG2S-062A-50-DFZK EH Cellulose filter HPU-V150/B Pressure Switch RC861CZ097H LVDT Position Sensor TDZ-1-41 dehydration filter HC7500SWT8H FOXBORO Card FBM207 Jacking Oil Pump Coupling Cushion PVM098 GR55KSP55.65-31.75K 600MW turbine balance valve 19C19641101 needle valve SHV15 Hexagon nut DLC6600-12-04 Position indicator 6DR5220-0EN00-0AA0 Filter QTL-250 EH oil pump shaft end sealing set HPU-V1001A stainless steel globe throttle check valve LJC65-1.6P [DFMY-2019-11-25]
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