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Sichuan Deyang Pt100 temperature probe WZPM-201 for India power system

Create: 09/25/2023
Expired Date:never
Category: Sensor [Electronic]
Message:Sichuan Deyang Pt100 temperature probe WZPM-201 for India power system Yoyik is specialized in manufacturing and providing components for turbines, coal-fired generators, and hydro units, as well as for electrical equipments, machinery parts, hydraulic machinery and parts. Our company is seated in the famous industrial city - Deyang with advanced technology, complete facilities and scientific management. Productions are in strict accordance with national standards. Yoyik can offer many spare parts for power plants as below: #DF-Pt100 temperature probe WZPM-201-DF non contact rpm sensor CS-01-D-065-05-01 full form of lvdt HL-3-350-15 lvdt linear position sensor TDZ-1G-03 thermocouple voltage WRNK2-331 LVDT LVDT-550-3 lvdt probe B151.36.09.04-009 thermocouple temperature meter WRNKB-446S/TG rtd temperature WZPK2-334 φ5 Magnetic Pick-up Speed Sensor G065-05-01 Tacho RPM sensor YD9200A-T-30V-01-30 full form of lvdt LVDT-25-6 MY-DFYL-2023-9-25
City:Chengdu Sichuan[CN] 
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