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Steel Ball Skew Rolling Machine

Create: 03/13/2016
Expired Date:never
Category: Machined open die forgings [Industrial-Supplies]
Message:The production line includes the feeder, the medium frequency induction furnace, skew rolling mill, quenching machine and so on.     Skew rolling mill is the special equipment which applies the Spiral groove skew rolling forming process to manufacture milling steel ball, bearing ball blanks and other metal ball. This skew rolling mill applies the semi closing frame so it is easy to change the roller. The skew rolling mill have the complete adjusting function;The rigidity of machine base is good; The manufactured products have the high accuracy. The whole machine includes major motor, speed reducer, universal-joint spindle and the working main machine. The skew rolling forming process is a new technology to produce the rotary parts or blanks. It can be used to manufacture the milling steel ball, bearing ball, auto part and other products. Advantages: 1. Greatly improve the productivity; 2. Highly reduce the cost; 3. Improve quality and the working condition and so on. Steven Anyang Forging Press Machinery Industry Co. ,Ltd Tel:0086-372-3389658 Mobile phone:0086-18637229639 Website: E-mail:
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