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fish tape in bulk

Create: 04/15/2016
Expired Date:04/13/2018
Category: Electrical hardware and supplies [Electronic]
Message:Fiberglass duct rodder features 1.Light weight,durable,resistance to acid,alkali,aging resistant,corrosion resistant. 2.High tensile strength and bending properties to make it go through narrow pipes easily. 3.Good temperatures adaptability, it will not soften in hot weather nor become brittle in cold weather, its usability will not be affected by temperature. 4.Its outer protected layer is made of high density ABS resin, which has good anti-UV capability, the advantage of smooth, wear-resistant and long service life. 5.There are meter marks on the rod for the user easily read it. The marks is waterproof, ultraviolet and it can be still clear even after using long time. 6.The reel is equipped with brake device,the rotating or stopping of the rod can be easily realized just by turning hand. 7.It has the tilting type handle, convenient for pushing and pulling. 8.It has roller and ring on the top and bottom used for the convenience of duct rodder going through, protect the cover from being scratched.
May 07 2016BF-45 high quality of fish tape344
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