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Clip Metal/Wire Mesh Grip/Cable Grips Cable Socks

Create: 04/22/2016
Expired Date:04/18/2017
Category: Electrical hardware and supplies [Electronic]
Message: Cable Socks / cable pulling grip mainly used for all kinds of wire and cable (overhead conductors, insulated cables, etc.) of tractor pay-off construction, is the electric power (or communication) line construction engineering ideal tool. According to the construction unit for decades the practice proves that we use wire and cable nets set production usage is convenient and reliable in quality. Product features: Grip, reliable connect, nondestructive wires. Can smoothly through various pay-off pulley. Connection, termination is very convenient. Light weight, easy to carry, can use repeatedly. According to customer's demand, custom-made
May 07 2016BF-45 high quality of fish tape344
Apr 22 2016Metric Cable Grips Cable Support Grips348
Apr 22 2016Hose Restraints and Marine Cable Grips359
Apr 22 2016Light-Medium Duty Cable Grips519
Apr 22 2016Quality Steel Material Cable Pulling Socks481
Apr 22 2016Cable pulling Grips made by high grade galvanized steel346
Apr 22 2016middle cable pulling357
Apr 22 2016single loop, single eye cable wire grips344
Apr 22 2016electric cable sock,Double Eye Cable pulling Socks, single eye Cable Sock Grips353
Apr 22 2016stainless steel cable socks R Type Cable Socks Heavy Duty Pulling Grip357

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