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Yuchai Container Generator

Create: 11/30/2016
Expired Date:11/30/2018
Category: Electronic
Message:MPMC Powertech Corp is one of the top level China yuchai container generator manufacturers and suppliers, we export yuchai container generator for industrial use, construction, highway, mining, military, telecommunication, banking, data center, oilfield, hospital, rental, harbor, and exhibition, welcome to buy cheap yuchai container genset, yuchai container electric generator, yuchai container power generator, yuchai container generating set, yuchai container diesel generator sets in China, and for sale from us.MPMC powered by Yuchai diesel generator set with high reliability, low emissions, small vibration, low noise and long service life. Yuchai engine is China's leading engine manufacturer, the full range of products compliant with the China emission standards StageⅢ and higher, it is China diesel engine industry product genealogy richest and most complete enterprise, mainly used in vehicles, ships, construction machinery, agricultural machinery , power generation equipment, its engine with integral forged steel crankshaft, cast alloy body and the cylinder head, small size, light weight, high reliability, the overhaul of more than 12,000 hours, low emission, low noise, have better environmental performance . Reliable cold start performance and lower cost of continuous load operation due to the optimized combustion process.With all in one, MPMC Yuchai containerize generator is reliable, easier and safer. 20ft GP from 800kva up to 910kva, 40ft HC from 1000kva up to 1875kva.MPMC standard and soundproof containerized gen-sets have the following feature:1. Manufacture and design gen-set’s container according to ISO container standards.2. Container with CSC/CCS certificate, the complete containerized gen-sets can be directly carried by Cargo ship.3. MPMC container is painted with high stiffness and anti-rusty polyurethane paint; also chose the stainless steel makes it superior mechanism structural quality compare to ordinary container.4. Two anti-explosion led lights fixed ......url:
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