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90gsm Sublimation Paper

Create: 10/13/2016
Expired Date:10/14/2018
Category: Packaging&Paper&Printing
Message:As the star sublimation paper for sublimation printing fabric VISION 90gsm sublimation paperhas always been the best water based inkjet sublimation printing medium,Website:, can present the colorful graphics and achieve almost real feel of touch. It will dry fast and No wrinkling will occur during and after the transfer process, The silicate coatings on VISION paper form vertical meshes. The Dye Sublimation inks filled in the meshes will be gasify under high temperature, and then attach themselves to the items to be sublimated.   ITEMST1C09Core2"& 3"Gram90gsmTransferrate≥95%Smoothness(FS/WS)5/34Temperature210℃/40sDrying Time≤1′40″InkWater-based Sublimation InkThickness130μmInkcapabilityStrongSize0.42/0.61/0.7/0.8/0.914/1.118/1.2/1.3/1.4/1.5/1.52/1.6/1.62/1.7/1.8/×120m Characteristics of Dye Sublimation Paper Custom: You can custom graphics according to different requirements.Durability: Cracking phenomenon will occur with general wide format digital printingprocess, but if with Sublimation printing,this will never happen no matter how many times you have the Sublimated items washed.The quality of sublimated fabrics will keep the same with that of the previous one during and after the sublimation process.
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