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Create: 10/23/2016
Expired Date:10/23/2018
Category: Packaging&Paper&Printing
Message:DERFLEX Products have the following advantages:1.High Strength to prevent any damage during installing.2.Excellent ink absorption and flat surface,Website:, which guarantee vivid image printing.3.Outdoor life assurance, good weather resistance.DERFLEX PVC mesh items subscribed as follows:ItemsSubscriptionSpecificationWidth (M)DM2300Mesh W/L500D*1000D 18*12, 400gsm1.02~3.20DM2301Mesh W/L1000D*1000D 9*13, 360gsm1.02~3.20DM2302Mesh W/L1000D*1000D 12*12, 350gsm1.02~3.20DM2100Mesh1000D*1000D 9*9, 250gsm1.02-5.10DM2101Mesh1000D*1000D 9*13, 250gsm1.02-5.10DM2102Mesh1000D*1000D 12*12, 220gsm1.02-5.10DM2103Mesh1000D*1000D 18*9, 280gsm1.02-5.10DERFLEX make customized products to meet clients’ requirements. Different treatment can be chosen during producing, anti-cold, anti-UV, anti-mildew, Flame Retardant, etc.
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