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JERCIO XT1511-RGBW Four color in one three color temperature programmable replace ws2812b smd led.

Create: 12/12/2018
Expired Date:01/11/2019
Category: Track lighting [Electronic]
Message:XT1511RGBX is a smart LED control circuit and light emitting circuit in one controlled LED source,which has the shape of a 5050 LED chip. Each lighting element is a pixel, and the intensities of thepixels are contained within the intelligent digital interface input. The output is driven by patented PWMtechnology, which effectively guarantees high consistency of the color of the pixels. The controlcircuit consists of a signal shaping amplification circuit, a built-in constant current circuit, and a highprecision RC oscillator. Feature: 1.Full color LED string light, LED full color module, LED super hard and soft lights, LED guardrail tube,LED appearance / scene lighting 2. LED point light, LED pixel screen, LED shaped screen, a variety of electronic products, electrical equipment etc, Altitude equipment, Amusement park equipment decoration. communication device. electironic equipment. 1. Indivdually addressable and 256 gray level. 2. Three color temperature, CW(Cool white) 5800-7500 K, NW (Natural white) 3800-4500k, WS (Warm Sunlight) 2700-3200k. 2. Programmable, It can replace ws2812b smd led. 3. it like APA102C, GS8208,SK9822, SK6812 ,SK6812 MINI,SK6812 Side,SK6812 RGB, SK6812 WWA , SK6812 3535 , SK6812 RGBW, SK6812 RGBY, SK6822 ,APA102 APA104, WS2815,WS2813,WS2812B LED, TM1809, WS2801,WS2811 TM1812,LPD6803,LPD8806, UCS1903, it can show any color, and it also can use in arduino program, welcome to relate Jercio- Tech series of digital smd led.
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