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Glass Kiln Waste Heat Recovery Boiler

Create: 09/29/2016
Expired Date:09/29/2018
Category: Home&Garden Supplies
Message:Glass Kiln Waste Heat Recovery BoilerNecessityIn developed nations, the thermal efficiency of a general glass kiln is from 30% to 40%. In China, this number is approximately lower by 10%. Among all heat losses within the process of glass-making, gas leaving the regenerator accounts for the majority of it. Temperature of this gas is normally from 500℃~600 ℃ accounting for 20% ~25% of the entire glass kiln energy input. The recovery of this type of relatively low temperature waste heat has been neglected in the past, which is not only a waste of energy but also harmful to the environment. Design IngenuityDepending on the different type of fuel used as energy input for the glass kiln, flue gas content is also different. Having this important fact stored in our minds, we adopt different structural design of our boiler for different energy input and geological location of the specific glass kiln. The average investment recovery period is around 2.5 years. Design Ingenuity1 T of glass = 400 KG ~ 600 KG of steam output Rated steam pressure: 2.0 MPA ~ 2.8 MPARated steam temp: saturated steam temp ~ 450℃PROJECT GLASS KILN WASTE HEAT RECOVERY FOR: HENAN ANCAI HI-TECH CO., LTD.Production capacity: 600 T / DSteam output: 14 T / D @ 2.3 MPA url:
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