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Sulfur Burner Waste Heat Recovery Boiler

Create: 09/29/2016
Expired Date:09/29/2018
Category: Home&Garden Supplies
Message:Sulfur BurnerWaste Heat Recovery BoilerNecessitySulfuric acid is one of the most important raw material for many industries, and a nation's sulfuric acid production indicates its industrial strength. One of the popular methods of producing sulfuric acid is through the burning of sulfur. The gases coming out from the sulfur burner are at temperature of 1000℃ ~ 1050℃. This  temperature is required to be cooled down by the production process in order to further produce sulfuric acid, and this is where a waste heat recovery boiler comes into play. Design IngenuityDue to the fact that the high temperature flue gas contain sulfur dioxide, it is high-pressure and also highly corrosive. Our boiler evaporator adopts effective fire-tube structure so that flue gas can safely flow through the tubes. Super-heater and economizer employ spiral fin tube structure with high quality steel material to maximize thermal conductivity and pressure bearing capacity of the heat surface. By virtue of the intricacy of our design, tube wall temperature always stays higher than the dew point of gaseous sulfuric acid, hence the entire heat exchange surface area is not susceptible to corrosion. The average investment recovery period is approximately 2 years. Key Parameters1 T of H2SO4 = 1100 KG ~ 1400 KG of steam output Rated steam pressure: 2.5 MPA ~ 6.4 MPARated steam temp: saturated steam temp ~ 540℃PROJECT SULFUR BURNER WASTE HEAT RECOVERY FOR: GUANGDONG ZHANHUA CO., LTD. Annual capacity: 300 KT Rated steam output: 45 T / H @ 3.82 MPARated steam temp: 450 Deg Celsius url:
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