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Waste Heat Boiler In Fertilizer Plants

Create: 09/29/2016
Expired Date:09/29/2018
Category: Home&Garden Supplies
Message:Waste heat boiler in fertilizer plantsNecessityDuring the the fertilizer production process, there is a huge potential waste heat to be recovered, especially in the coal gasification furnace. By installing a waste heat boiler to recover the heat from the furnace, one can no longer need a coal burning boiler for steam output. Over the past decade, more and more fertilizer plants have switched their gas-making method from a traditional small scale fixed bed to a large scale fluidized bed (mid-high pressure coal gasification). Due to the fact that high pressure coal gas contains large amounts of dust particles and is easily flammable, the heat recovery unit has to be designed with extra caution. Our waste heat recovery boiler system adopts a sealed vertical tower structure in which heat exchange surface area is mainly comprised of coils and cylindrical membrane to withstand high pressure. The average investment recovery period is around 3.5 years. Design IngenuityKey ParametersRated steam pressure: 4.5 MPA ~ 9.8 MPA Rated steam temp: 450 ℃ ~ 540 ℃PROJECT SYNTHETIC AMMONIA WASTE HEAT RECOVERY FOR: ZHEJIANG JUHUA CO., LTD., - SYNTHETIC AMMONIA BRANCH Rated steam output: 35t/h @ 3.82MPaSteam temp: 450 Deg Celsius url:
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