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The old customer in the Netherlands who did not change the factory easily failed again and again. AAK hydraulic relief valves settled it at one time

Create: 06/17/2022
Expired Date:07/17/2022
Category: Hydraulic presses [Equipment&Machinery]
Message:Marten is an old customer from a Dutch hydraulic company. He is very cautious in the business of hydraulic valves and never changes hydraulic valve suppliers easily. AAK hydraulic valve reached the first cooperation of hydraulic relief valves under the introduction of his friend. It has been 3 years, and he orders 2 types of hydraulic relief valves with AAK every year. We have a very good personal relationship, and often communicate about some hydraulic valve technology. Last month, Marten had an order for a special hydraulic relief valve that requires a surface roughness Ra of 0.1~0.2μm, which is more than 4 times accurate than the normal standard. All the hydraulic relief valves of this series are purchased from the hydraulic valve manufacturer that he has cooperated with for 5 years. This manufacturer has tried this hydraulic relief valve for 3 consecutive times, but the Ra value is still not up to standard. Marten thinks of AAK hydraulic valve. In the email, he has been emphasized that the surface roughness Ra value of hydraulic relief valve must reach 0.1~0.2μm. According to the hydraulic relief valve drawings sent by Marten, after discussion, AAK engineers expressed 90% certainty that the Ra value could reach 0.1~0.2μm. Marten seems to see hope, but also fear. He asked AAK TO try samples immediately. At the same time, the original hydraulic relief valve manufacturer was also requested to continue the sampling.
City:Ningbo Zhejiang[CN] 
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