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Apr 18 2023 CNThe hydraulic check valve leaked after 3 months of use. After AAK redesigned it, it has been running for more than 1 year without problem88
Mar 29 2023 CNThe only matching quality with German brand is AAK hydraulic valve block, which is praised by Dutch hydraulic customer Mathias88
Apr 22 2023 CNThe valve spool is stuck and must be solved within 30 days. AAK hydraulic directional control valve solved it and won order within 7 days87
Apr 01 2023 CNWith extraordinary assembly technology, AAK won the order of hydraulic needle valves, while Dimon, a new buyer, became a regular employee in advance87
Feb 17 2023 CNAfter 2 Years of Successful Gambling With Customer, AAK Hydraulic Directional Control Valve Won Another Large Order87
Apr 14 2023 CNThe new quenching process is used to ensure 0.3mm finishing, AAK hydraulic relief valve win orders smoothly86
Apr 08 2023 CNAAK hydraulic check valves added with thread Anaerobic adhesives, and Niki no longer has to worry about leakage86
Jan 16 2022 CNFaster Proofing and Higher cost performance than that of German factory, the Italian customer placed order for AAK pressure control valve86
May 11 2023 CNDare to say no to the low-cost hydraulic directional valves, and AAK adheres to its own values85
Mar 14 2023 CNThe Hydraulic Relief Valve is Flexible without Jamming. Nick, who has cooperated for 6 Years, Still orders back from AAK85
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