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Hydraulic manifold blocks purchased separately had oil leakage, and AAK take over to produce the whole and promise no repair within 1 year

Create: 06/01/2022
Expired Date:never
Category: Hydraulic presses [Equipment&Machinery]
Message:This morning, Joselito sent an email asking about the production time of 1,000 hydraulic manifold blocks, which surprised me a little, because in the past two years, Joselito has basically placed orders for just hydraulic valves only, but very few for the hydraulic manifold blocks. Joselito is a purchaser of BEZARES company in Spain. We met 2 years ago. After communication, it was learned that he encountered problem on the hydraulic manifold blocks purchased this time. A batch of hydraulic winch equipment of their company was complained by some users that the winch was often weak. Their after sales found that the hydraulic manifold block was leaking. Because of the purchase cost limitation, he disassembled the hydraulic manifold blocks and purchased them separately from 3 hydraulic valve manufacturers. Now the leakage problem of the hydraulic manifold blocks has come, all 3 manufactures prevaricate and are not responsible for the oil leakage of the hydraulic manifold blocks, they thought that the problem was caused by the unreasonable design or the wrong installation method of the hydraulic manifold blocks. The engineer checked the hydraulic manifold blocks one by one and found different problems, some sealing ring was broken, some gasket at the interface was worn, and some has iron filings in the valve hole. In the past year, a lot of money, labor and maintenance costs were spent on the after-sales for the hydraulic manifold blocks. Now the customers are not satisfied with their after-sales performance, and the boss is not happy to spend the after-sales money indiscriminately. Joselito has a big headache. AAK suggests that Joselito should purchase the whole hydraulic manifold blocks in one factory as much as possible, because each hydraulic valve manufacturer has different quality positioning. AAK has now received more and more inquiries for hydraulic manifold blocks, including Skyjack, a Canadian listed company, and Brevini, a top company in the field of transmission.
City:Ningbo Zhejiang[CN] 
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