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Oct 29 2022 CN The service life of AAK hydraulic directional control valve with high pressure resistance of 380bar is twice that of its peers79
Nov 30 2022 US Two million times of hydraulic cartridge directional control valve, AAK wins the Brazilian manufacturer79
Dec 12 2022 CN Hydraulic Valve Real Knack from AAK Founder79
Dec 14 2022 CN With pressure resistance of 450bar and service life of 2 years,the performance of AAK hydraulic cartridge relief valve is twice that of its peers79
Apr 03 2023 CN AAK is not only a company for Hydraulic Valves in the future, but a technology company that fluid controls on flow, pressure and directional79
Apr 11 2023 CN A small story enlightened AAK Hydraulic Cartridge Valve, and come out of the sense of lose79
Apr 02 2023 CN AAK Hydraulic Directional Control Cartridge Valve, Zero leakage, made the first shot in Kenya successfully78
Sep 22 2022 CN AAK mastered the skill 3 years ago to avoid blind hole bell mouth of hydraulic valve blocks that cannot be solved by peers78
Nov 16 2022 CN For the hydraulic flow control valve with 4 unsuccessful proofing, Thomas gave up the supplier cooperated for 4 years and chose AAK78
Dec 18 2022 CN The hydraulic manifold valve holes that many manufacturers can't achieve, AAK produced in volume 3 years ago78
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