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Micro Spiral Wind turbine

Create: 07/20/2016
Expired Date:never
Category: Power supply units [Electronic]
Message:1、Low starting wind speed, high utilization of wind energy; Small volume, good-looking appearance; all blades using the professional debug system with low working vibration. 2、Installation is adapted a humanization design which can convenient the installation, maintain and service of the equipment
Jul 20 20162kw 24v 48v 96v Vertical axis393
Jul 20 2016wind solar hybrid controller398
Jul 20 2016Wind solar hybrid street409
Jul 20 2016200w-600w H model Vertical Axi394
Jul 20 2016Lightning Series wind power generation400
Jul 20 2016200w Wind Power Generator382
Jul 20 2016Micro Spiral Wind turbine377
Jul 20 2016Spiral Vertical Wind Turbine475
Jul 20 2016Red Ball Vertical Wind turbine364
Jul 20 20161kw horizontal Axis Wind Turbine480

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