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3G GPRS data logger, 3G GPRS RTU, support WCDMA network S260

Create: 07/20/2016
Expired Date:never
Category: Plugs [Electronic]
Message:Model: S260 S261 Name: GSM GPRS 3G Temperature Logger The GSM GPRS 3G Temperature Logger is special for remote monitoring temperature. it can setup ultra-high—high, low—ultra-low 4 alarm level. and 1 digital relay output can control via free charge call, SMS or GPRS. Also, the internal memory can save the historical for half a year for review. It provides daily report, schedule upload, event upload by the GPRS/3G to monitoring center or by SMS to the user mobile phone directly. 1. Quad-Band GSM Frequency,3G, supports SMS and Voice and GPRS/3G communication; 2. Programmable by SMS Commands or PC Configurator via USB; 3. 2 alternate Server via GPRS/3G wireless network, supports IP address and DNS; 4. Compatible with KingCenter CMS-02 via GPRS(Google map), and CMS-01 through SMS; 5. GPS module is optional, measure the Longitude,Latitude,Speed,Direction ; 6. Daily report, schedule upload, event upload; 7. 6 authorized phone numbers, each number can be used to receive SMS or both, also can be used for dial to switch ON/OFF the relay outputs, inquiry status; 8. One digital outputs (dry contact, NO/NC) with relay rating 10A/240VAC for connecting the switch of the air conditioner or machines, the outputs can setup as always ON, Pulse output, by SMS, authorized phone number dial in, and alarm events; 9. 4 inputs, 12bits, can setup interval time, interval value, ultra-high, high, low, ultra-low alarm can active the relay outputs and send programmable SMS to authorized phone numbers or via GPRS to monitoring center; 10. Internal memory, can save the historical data for review; 11. External AC Power monitoring, AC On/OFF will send SMS to authorized phone numbers; 12. Rechargeable Backup Battery inside can last 18hours; 13. Standard DIN Rail 35mm installation or outdoor enclosure. My Skype:ContactRtu
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