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wifi camera security video camera wifi mini camera hd remote control APP W12

Create: 07/20/2016
Expired Date:never
Category: Sensor [Electronic]
Message:Model:W12 Name:Wifi+3G/GSM Camera Alarm W12 W12 Wifi+3G/GSM Camera Alarm adopts advance technology,it combine Wifi Camera and 3G/GSM Alarm as one device.It support both wifi and 3G/GSM,double protection security,should be a new innovation concept for safety and family care! With Wifi,we can use mobile phone or PC check the on-site video anywhere and anytime.Even wifi signal missing,we will also know if family,shop etc. are still safe or not.W12 Wifi+3G/GSM Camera Alarm has the function of two-way voice intercom, alarm, TF card save recording and PC centralized management. 1.SMS/Calling remind even wifi missing,up to 9 authorize no.for alarm. 2.Remote control/APP/SMS to Arm/Disarm,SMS remind optional for arm/disarm. 3.Support mobile video monitoring.The monitoring image quality can be adjusted by mobile network speed. 4.Two-way voice intercom,monitoring voice and video. 5.Support PTZ control. Built-in RS485.The camera can monitoring left and right 355 degrees and up and down 90 degrees. 6.Support infrared night view,viewing up to 10m. 7.Support motion detect. It can control sending email and FTP uploading recording and alarm by sensitivity. 8.Support remote monitoring at anywhere and anytime. 9.Support wireless and real-time alarm. It has 64 wireless zones. 10.Support English, Spanish, Dutch, French, Italian, Polski, Chinese. 11.Support browse with several windows. Remote IE( Win7 IE 360 Firebox Chrome Internet Explorer) checking software,support browse with 16 windows at the same time. 12.Centralized platform to watching. Centralized monitoring software is a professional video monitoring software.It support recording, display multi camera monitoring screen on one platform at the same time. This software also can control one of the camera monitoring,changing recording angle. My Skype:Samchinese
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