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Coffee Pot

Create: 09/09/2016
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Category: Coffee makers [Home&Garden Supplies]
Message:Stainless Steel Gooseneck Drip Pot ,1 liter (4 1/4 cup) Pour Over Coffee Drip Kettle,Works on Regular and Induction Stoves 【Gooseneck Design:】Goose neck kettle that really lets you control the flow of water to ground coffee. The spout is very 'accurate' and allows you to precisely control the flow of water out of the kettle. Perfect for pour-overs. 【Hight Stainless Steel Material】 :This kettle made out of 18/8 stainless steel, which gives it a brilliant, durable, rust-resistant finish that is easy to maintain, and will last a lifetime. Yes, a lifetime, possibly even longer?! But you have to take good care of it! 【Enjoy Coffee time】:Easy to make hand drip coffee because water pressure is constant by virtue of thin and long spout." 【Ergonomics】:The thin-spout design and overall ergonomics of the kettle's design allow for a very slow and controlled flow rate, crucial to brewing with the Wave
City:Jiangmen City[CN] 
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