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Solar Water Pump MAC-SWP032

Create: 09/25/2016
Expired Date:never
Category: Power supply units [Electronic]
Message:Usage: 1.Many useful applications for family or farm: stock watering and drip irrigation which is very effective for a family garden and water supply for cabins and remote houses 2.Any place water is needed, but no AC power is available. 3. An ideal combination of water and sun that preserves the environment, saves energy and reduces physical effort. Main features: 1. solar pump must not be operated direct with any batteries power supply: max 24 Wp, input voltage with load 32.0V 3.maximum current:0.8A; minimum current 0.1A 4.diameter of pump: 5.2 cm; minimum diameter of well 8.0 cm. -- interior diameter of water hose: 9.0mm 5.diameter of cable: 9.0mm, length: 22 meters 6.operating temperature of the pump: +1.0 C +50 CBR> -- operating temperature of the driver: -10 C +50CBR> -- diameter of the pump: 5.2cm, lenght: 36cm,
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