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45W 310MM*310MM LED Grow Light

Create: 01/08/2017
Expired Date:11/29/2024
Category: Light boxes [Electronic]
Message:Product Description 45W 310mm*310mm LED Grow Light LED Grow Light Advantages 1. Reducing training costs, extending the flowering, promoting plants early maturity, increasing production, improving fruit quality, to ensure the greenhouse vegetables taste, anti-season cultivation. 2. Also can prevent diseases and insect pests of breeding, reduce the dosage of pesticide, green, pollution-free. 3. It can increase the fruit, moderate growth, shorten the growth cycle, and inhibit the increase production 4. Rainy day also can produce synthetic fill light, no need professional guidance, novice can also simple operation. 5. Compared to sun high inosculation of the spectrum wavelength, according to plants different spectrum, can be suitable for plants in different periods of the spectrum, comprehensively promote the photosynthesis. 6. Stimulating the potential ability to grow and nutrients, enhancing plants photosynthesis, to improve the plants’ survival rate more than general light. 7. As supplement light, at any time in a day can enhance the light, can extend the effective illumination time. 8. In the evening or night, can effectively prolong and control the plants’ light science. 9. Plants in the greenhouse or laboratory, can completely replace the natural light, to promote the growth of plants.
City:Sacramento California[US] 
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