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Customized High Capacity Li-ion Lithium Battery 12V 350Ah

Create: 03/02/2017
Expired Date:03/17/2018
Category: Electrical supplies [Electronic]
Message:LiFePO4 Cell Model: ES GLP50Ah-11190316 Capacity(0.5C): 50Ah Rated voltage(V): 3.2V Typical Impedance (mΩ): ≤1.5mΩ Battery material: LiFePO4 LiFePO4 Battery Pack Combination method: 7P4S Minimal capacity: 350Ah Nominal voltage: 12.8V Max. charge voltage:14.6V Discharge cut-off voltage: 10V Max charge current : (0.5C)175A Max working current: (1C)350A Standard charge current: (0.2C)70A Standard discharge current: (0.5C)175A Weight (Approx.): ≈38.6 Kg Max. dimension(L×W×H)(mm): Can be customize Operating temperature: Charge temperature: 0℃~45℃ ,Discharge temperature:-20℃~55℃
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