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Create: 03/19/2017
Expired Date:never
Category: Gonadotropic hormones&ovarian stimulants&inhibitors [Health&Medical&Pharmaceutical]
Message:Ethinylestradiol Synonyms: NOVESTROL; NEO-ESTRONE; ETHYNYLESTRADIOL CAS NO: 57-63-6 Molecular Weight: 296.41 Molecular Formula: C20H24O2 Appearance: Off-White to Light-Yellow Crystalline Powder Usage: A metabolite of 17alpha-Ethynylestradiol A synthetic steroid with high oral estrogenic potency Standard: USP28
City:Wuhan Hubei[CN] 
Mar 19 2017Estradiol valerate275
Mar 19 2017Estradiol enantate279
Mar 19 2017Estradiol Cypionate289
Mar 19 2017Estradiol264
Mar 19 2017Chlormadinone acetate261
Mar 19 2017Ethynodiol diacetate275
Mar 19 2017Ethinylestradiol275
Mar 19 2017Norethisterone275
Mar 19 2017Ethisterone276
Mar 19 2017Tamoxifen Citrate263

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