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PCB Prototype 2 Layers FR4 Manufacturer Etching Fabrication Customized Service

Create: 04/02/2017
Expired Date:never
Category: Double sided circuit cards [Electronic]
Message:1.2 layers, 10x10cm, Free lead HASL, 1oz copper,1.6mm, 10pcs only $18 2.Production time 1-4 days, DHL shipping 3-7 days.Other Delivery Services are also available. .Cost-effective. No MOQ .Professional technical support.Quick Response .Prototype Fab with 24 hours Express .24 Hour Non-stop Tech Support and Production .Excellent quality approved by customers all over the world .Chief PCB Manufacturer Located in China ------------------------------------------------------------------ CPABILITY Layers:1-50 layers Material:FR4 standard Tg 130C, FR4 medium Tg 150C, FR4 high Tg 170C Board Thickness:.0079"-.126"(0.2mm-8.0mm) Copper Thickness:0.5oz-12oz(18um-210um) Inner layer Copper Thickness:0.5oz-6oz(18um-70um) Board size:1200x700mm Min Tracing/Spacing:3.0mil/3.0mil Min Annular Ring:3mil Min drilling Hole diameter:0.2mm(8mil), 0.1mm(4mil)-laser drill Solder Mask:Green, Green matt, Black, Black Matt, White, Red, Yellow, Blue Silkscreen color: White, Blue, Black, Red, Yellow,no Surface finish: HASL -Hot Air Solder Leveling Lead Free HASL - RoHS ENIG -Electroless Nickle/Immersion Gold - RoHS(Thick of Au 1-4 u") Immersion Silver - RoHS Immersion Tin - RoHS OSP -Organic Solderability Preservatives - RoHS Surface/Hole plating thickness:20-30um Board thickness tolerance:±0.1mm ~ ±10% Board size tolerance:±0.1mm~±0.3mm PTH hole size tolerance:±.003"(±0.08mm)~±.006"(±0.15mm) NPTH hole size tolerance:±.002"(±0.05mm) Copper thickness tolerance:+0um+20um Impedance tolerance:±5%~±10% SMD Pitch:0.2mm(8mil) BGA Pitch:0.2mm(8mil) Aspect Ratio(hole size: board thickness):1:40 Chamfer of Gold Fingers:20, 30, 45, 60 Testing:10V-250V, flying probe or testing fixture Please send gerber file to us, email:, we can offer quotation within 30mins to 6 hours.
Apr 02 20174 layers PCB Prototype FR4 Manufacturer Etching Fabrication Customized Service502
Apr 02 20171-2 layers PCB prototype Manufacturer Customize Service Etching501
Apr 02 2017PCB Prototype 2 Layers FR4 Manufacturer Etching Fabrication Customized Service519

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