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LED's illumination light guide plate

Create: 02/05/2018
Expired Date:12/31/2027
Category: Lighting&Fixtures [Electronic]
Message:LED Light Cube light guide plate is the use of special optical design and art integration, is the perfect combination of traditional art and advanced lighting technology, LED lighting design not only makes the plate become unique and eye-catching artwork, and improve the efficiency of light, three-dimensional sense of strong, soft and comfortable, light cube to Beijing meaning "water cube".
City:Shenzhen Guangdong[CN] 
Feb 05 20186 inch LED panel logo lamp light guide plate of Dao Heng Bank294
Feb 05 20186 inch LED panel CiTi lamp light guide plate Bank Logo319
Feb 05 2018LED's illumination light guide plate311
Feb 05 20183 inch LED Light Cube lamp light guide plate316

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