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GPS tracker

Create: 07/19/2018
Expired Date:never
Category: Vehicle tracking systems [Auto&Moto&Vehicles]
Message:The VGC-8 type of vehicle-mounted wireless intelligent terminal (satellite positioning vehicle driving recording device/MDVR)) is a set of main products with high performance and high expansion capability built using embedded technology. It is a digital electronic recording device that records, stores, and output data through the interface (Data including: the vehicle's travel speed, time, mileage, and state information about the running of the vehicle); it can combine this information with other signals obtained by the the internal integrated GPRS/CDMA communication module and GPS satellite positioning module; can upload positioning information, speeding, fatigue driving, and doubtful data, and send text messages and upload pictures through GPRS/CDMA.
City:Guangzhou Guangdong[CN] 
Jul 19 2018 GPS tracker312

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