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,Top Plate (Washer) and Back Plate made in Taiwan

Create: 12/07/2020
Expired Date:never
Category: Backplane circuit cards [Electronic]
Message:SHINING JINS ENTERPRISE specializing in manufacturing & designing cold forge Top Plate (Washer) and Pole piece (T-Yoke) for Loud-Speaker and alarms raw driver in Taiwan. We offer a complete range of Top Plate (Washer) and Pole piece (T-Yoke) uses in Home speaker, P.A. Speaker, Car speaker, Hi-Fi speaker, Sub-woofer,Car alarms and U-Yokes uses in raw Neodymium (NdFeB) speaker, tweeter etc.
City:Taipei T'aiwan[TW] 
Dec 07 2020Bottom plate Speakers part made in Taiwan379
Dec 07 2020,Top Plate (Washer) and Back Plate made in Taiwan382
Dec 07 2020Speaker Parts Tweeter T-Yoke (Pole Piece) and Washer (Top Plate) CNC Machining Parts392
Dec 07 2020U-Yokes uses in raw Neodymium (NdFeB) Speakers and tweeter477
Dec 07 2020,Speakers part Washer and T-Yoke made in Taiwan350
Oct 06 2020Rivets465
Oct 06 2020Fasteners430
Oct 06 2020speaker,pole piece,Polkern ,t-yoke,placa polar,u-yoke,woofer,voice coil,cone paper,washer,pole plate,diaphragm,speaker Frame,altoparlanti,372
Oct 06 2020Speaker Accessory: Back Plate and Pole Piece473
Oct 06 2020Pole piece (T-Yoke) for Loudspeakers driver made in Taiwan401

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