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Manufacturer of hydraulic valve without "horn hole"

Create: 08/27/2021
Expired Date:09/30/2021
Category: Hydraulic presses [Equipment&Machinery]
Message:Maarten, a Dutch hydraulic valve customer, had an order for a batch of hydraulic flow valves some time ago and gave it to a hydraulic valve manufacturer in Ningbo. After 6 proofing, the hydraulic flow valve samples failed test for all 6 times, for either leakage or pollutants outside the cartridge valve are easy to enter the valve spool. After many communications with the maker, the problems still could not be effectively solved. His customer complained to his boss. The boss asked Maarten to give an effective solution within a week. Battered, he had no clue and could only aimlessly look for a new hydraulic valve manufacturer. While constantly checking with other hydraulic valve manufacturers, Maarten also continued to find some similar cases on the Internet. Occasionally, he saw an article about "horn hole" from AAK hydraulic valve on Google. After careful reading, he found that it was very similar to the problems he encountered, so he contacted us online with a try attitude and continued to ask about some of the problems he encountered at present. Hydraulic flow valve, a kind of cartridge valve, will have the phenomenon of "horn hole" after being used for a period of time, which is a common problem of cartridge valve. The root cause is the processing bottleneck of the cartridge valve combination hole. The processing coaxiality of the cavity hole diameter of these threaded cartridge valve combination holes is 0.03-0.05mm. At the same time, there are machined trace at the transition R angle, resulting in leakage during use. What's more troublesome is that it is easy to cause pollutants outside the cartridge valve to enter the valve spool with the hydraulic oil, causing the whole hydraulic system to strike. Many hydraulic valve manufacturers are used to the domestic market. These "horn holes" have little impact on some mechanical equipment. Therefore, many hydraulic valve manufacturers have not tackled this technical barrier.
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