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The Damping Hole of AAK Pressure Valve does Not Block, Colin Transferred Order to AAK The Next Day

Create: 10/15/2021
Expired Date:11/15/2021
Category: Hydraulic presses [Equipment&Machinery]
Message:AAK pilot pressure valve adds welded high-strength filter screen at the inlet section of slender hole, and the damping hole is 100% unblocked. Colin faced 4 times of hydraulic pressure valve approval failures, but solved at one time by AAK Many hydraulic valve manufacturers believe that the pilot pressure valve has fine impurities and is easy to block the pilot stage slender hole, which is determined by the special structure of the hydraulic valve. Therefore, they just remind customers to use high-purity hydraulic oil and never reflect on their production process, resulting in many hydraulic valve customers falling over here. Colin is the purchasing supervisor of a hydraulic valve company in Germany. He has a batch of orders for pilot pressure valves recently. During sample approval stage, it was found that some fine impurities could easily block the pilot stage slender hole, resulting in the blockage of the damping hole, the loss of pressure of the pilot stage and the failure of the pressure valve. The hydraulic pressure valve sample was modified for 4 times, but still unapproved. Colin looked for no less than 20 hydraulic valve manufacturers within 7 days, and only got a reply from 3 hydraulic valve manufacturers: they could not make sure that the damping hole was 100% unblocked. The remaining more than 20 hydraulic valve manufacturers did not give reply at all. Colin happened to see an article about damping hole blockage of AAK hydraulic valve on B2B website. With a try attitude, he contacted us AAK hydraulic valve and asked about the treatment of damping hole blockage. After we asked him about the parameter requirements and use scenarios of his hydraulic pressure valve, we said there was no problem and could rest assured to proofing. Colin didn't think too much either and tried with the mentality of making every possible effort. The pilot pressure valve sample made by AAK not only passed the testing but also solved the problem of damping hole blockage, and the pressure debugging was more
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